Amr Aljanadi

TESTIFI Website_

I developed a compelling website for Testifi that effectively conveys their core message, outlines offerings, and showcases a wide range of products and services.


I played a significant role in developing the website’s story to align with Testifi’s products and vision.

Wireframes & Workflow_

The high-fidelity prototype was created in Figma to closely resemble how the website will be built using the Elementor plugin.


The screens were initially developed in Figma and then precisely replicated in WordPress using the Elementor plugin. This approach empowers the marketing team to easily add and contribute dynamic content.

Improving & Refining_

To enhance the website and optimize the user experience, regular checks were conducted using analytical tools. These tools allowed for an in-depth analysis of the website’s performance.


“Daniel Burns, Doris Dochene, Louisa Madders, Melissa Mujezinovic, Mahdis Davoudi”