Amr Aljanadi


TESTIFI simplifies project measurement with its software solution, featuring the Net Quality Score (NQS) for project comparability and tracking. QualityOps facilitates easy portfolio comparison, providing a clear overview and identifying high and low performers.

Ideation & Understanding_

By leveraging the information gathered from market research, competitor analysis, and client feedback, I could refine and shape the software concept to better meet market needs and user expectations.


After conducting a thorough analysis, we identified four key issues that contribute to increased friction points for users.

  • Interdependencies among systems and a create complexity in large-scale software development.
  • Resource allocation becomes challenging when dealing with a large portfolio of projects.
  • Prioritization is crucial to focus on projects that align with business goals and objectives.
  • Communication and collaboration become more difficult as the number of projects increases.


Developing a platform that enables not only data observation but also provides contextualisation, and transform data into actionable insights and it’s easy to be accessible from different team members levels and specialisations.


To truly understand our users, we developed multiple personas based on extensive research conducted by our Marketing team.


Developing a platform that enables not only data observation but also provides contextualization, and transform data into actionable insights.

Scenarios & User Flow_

To enhance the user experience and align the product with our target personas, we employed various scenarios to guide our decision-making process.

Structure of the KPIs_

To organize and sort out all of the 200 KPIs in the product, we needed to identify relevant KPIs, prioritize them based on their importance, and establish clear measurement methods.


Low and high fidelity prototypes were designed and iterated based on feedback and observation interviews to enhance usability.

Project Viewer_

The project viewer empowers you to dive into its KPIs and transform them into actionable steps.


The dashboard enables users to quickly assess the performance and progress of multiple projects in real-time.

Comparison Feature_

The projects comparison feature allows users to easily compare KPIs across multiple projects.

PDF Report_

The report feature enables the users to create PDF reports customized for their need.

Profile Management_

Users can set up profiles as well as team profiles.

Impact & Next Steps_

To improve the product, the design team should analyze and test KPIs for meaningful information extraction, conduct usability testing to enhance feature functionality, and ensure a seamless onboarding experience.


“Tünde Schneidhoffer, Marton Miko, Alex Andrasi, Miroslav Lazarevic, Natalia Favrin, Lia Barna ”