Amr Aljanadi


For over six months, I helped a London startup develop their 3D virtual gallery platform. I worked on everything from screens designs to menus, refining workflows and customer journeys, all the way from registration to gallery building and creating high fidelity prototypes.


To gain insights into the product and its potential offerings, we initiated research on existing platforms, studying their features. Simultaneously, we embarked on developing our own concept, understanding its underlying architecture, creating smaller assets, and crafting prototypes for testing and evaluation purposes.


We implemented a responsive design approach, utilizing media queries and fluid layouts to ensure seamless adaptability of the website across various screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal user experience.

User Journey & FLow

I prepared and organized customer journey flow charts to gain insights into customers’ needs, identify pain points, and develop a more tailored customer experience.


I developed a high-fidelity prototype to showcase the detailed design and interactive functionality of the product, enabling stakeholders to gather valuable feedback and drive iterative improvements.


We defined and designed key role screens with the desired UI style, conducted rigorous usability testing, smoothly transitioning them to the development team while aligning the design with user needs.


The high-fidelity prototype played a crucial role in securing MVP Circle’s first pre-seed funding round by effectively demonstrating the product’s potential and value proposition. This investment allowed MVP CircleIn to advance the product and fuel its growth and innovation.

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